We finally have the final word from the Supreme Court.  Thank God we have somewhere to go to find out what is right and wrong so we can get back to our daily lives.  Awaiting their decisions is so exciting as simplicity can be re-established as a cure for the complexities of having a family and growing a business and just having fun.

When things are so much clearer or clarified there will be a better understanding of the rules of life and getting along.  Sometimes a current law needs to be tweaked to make both sides happy.

We call the citizens we send to Washington our lawmakers.  They debate and decide on how to make our lives so much better and we are always anxious to celebrate their success.  But it is all a filibuster on our freedoms as our lives have been put on hold by layers of lawyers litigating liberally.

I am so glad we have a Supreme Tort…  oops…  I mean Supreme Court…  sorry….

They are the professional arbiters of laws and their simplification. We can relax.

The question is…..????  Why are we making laws about laws faster than McDonalds can sell Big Macs….  We have a cause, a right, or a wrong, and we demand new laws to protect and unsure that only good will prevail.  But as soon as a law is passed you can bet there is a law in waiting to better define the law in question.  So we are better defining everything to the point of ???  Who cares??  Who cares about the laws.  They are so ……. Complicated that they are ignored…until….. somebody complains and sues….and sues… and sues…..  I have a right to sue is the birthchild of all the laws.

I was asked to sign a simple contract for airing a commercial.  The rate and price was simple.  I signed as agreed.   They called back and said I had not signed the terms of acceptance.  Ok… So I go look again at the 4 pages of fine print I was supposed to rubber stamp and trust them.  It would cost me a pretty penny to have my attorney review and then get back to their attorney.  I said shove it.  Cancel the spot.  In fact, it is insulting that they ask us to sign fine print without their paying for your attorney to review.  Hello???  We abrogate our rights. Oh, by the way, they called back and said everything was ok.  They would run the spot.

Our existence has been “fine printed”.  That is why the word “whatever” has become a philosophy in its own.  Fine print is everywhere lurking in the shadows ready to hold you responsible….

We need to be tortified or detorted or something.  We are being torted to death by our own laws.   We are being wronged by our laws.  Admittedly we need laws…but is there a limit.  Where is the “I can’t Take It Anymore” Movement???  Maybe it is time to move west again and farm my own land..  say 3-4 acres….  Get some ducks and a horse…and a gun….  Like they did when they came over here from England.  LOL.

What ever  (2 words) happened to tort reform?  Weren’t we working on making frivolous or unfair lawsuits illegal.  Lawsuits that were made easy by laws?  Yes tort reform…..  Kinda got lost in all the international crisis attention and all the economic stagnation debate and all the political negative excitement.   I mean really lost.

Well, at least we have the Supreme Tort.

Chris Bent
Kennebunkport, ME


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