Magic is our term to label something we can’t explain. It is unexpected and usually harmless. A magician’s cape that hides the live rabbit. The swords that go through the magician’s body but don’t. Sleight of hand is a form of art that brings smiles ... Continue reading →


Do you know the smell of C4? Is bomb a noun or a verb? Does a bomb have a mother? Broadway shows bomb. Relationships bomb. Countries bomb. Each other. Sometimes there is no other answer… Too many mosquitos?? Bomb… “Bombs away” ... Continue reading →

Broken Wings

There is an amazing tiny book by a Paul Gallico, The Snow Goose, 1940, that haunts me to this very day. WWII Dunkirk. To me there is only one recorded version to listen to which is with Herbert Marshal… in the 50’s. If I played it now I would still cry. ... Continue reading →

The Bottle

Everyone carries the bottle these days.  It has even become a fashion accessory to be seen with and adorned.  Holders and hangers abound with designs and personalization. Yes, the plastic water bottle has over-arrived.  It represents purity, which we ... Continue reading →

Global Felony

Usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death. Every state has their own take on what is a felony with a judge determining the severity of the punishment. Real punishment gives the word “felony” meaning. A felony is a ... Continue reading →

Church State

Churches are becoming labelled in our educational system as not politically correct… aka evil. Churches are where people congregate to learn about morals, morality, sin, forgiveness, and love… and Truth. But don’t be seen going into one these days. ... Continue reading →


Sometimes you throw the ball so far it is hard to find it. We have done that with the Truth… thrown it too far… hmmm… hope it has a scent. With so much protesting and half-truth we are losing grip on our game. We were champions of freedom and truth, ... Continue reading →

My Terms

I am going to do everything you ask as long as it is on my terms. I am going to give you money as long as it is on my terms. I am going to give you hope as long as it is on my terms. The problem is that we all want everything on our own terms. ... Continue reading →

Coat And Tie

There were posters of candidates in a coat and tie smiling back at you as you drove by. This was in an island nation. Except that this was the only time they wore their coat and tie except for weddings and funerals. Somehow, the coat and tie ... Continue reading →


How important is the irrelevant? Crazy question? First... one has to know what is important. The older we get the wiser we supposedly get… hmm… But who determines what is wise? If it were left to us we can be sure some of our beliefs were ... Continue reading →