Eyes On

I see it. Index and forefinger in front of your eyes. In confirmation that you have found what you wanted. Your buddy nods. The moment of Truth. Few will ever get to experience such a moment… or will they? There so many things in life that ... Continue reading →

Guilt Edges

If you are honest with yourself there are so many things to feel guilty about. In fact, guilt is a healthy thing. It means you are being honest with yourself. Carrying deeply protected private feelings of guilt over something you did is ... Continue reading →

Just A Guy

“I’m just a guy” is thought millions of times a day in private. Don’t blame me…”I’m just a guy”. What does it take to be a guy? Well, first there is an anatomy issue. That’s pretty black and white, though in some quarters… debatable…. Assuming ... Continue reading →


Animals have a tough go of it unless they are lucky enough to find decent and caring owners. Not all are. There is abuse and abandonment in the animal kingdom. Really bad with dogs and cats. I can’t imagine anyone being cruel to a Golden ... Continue reading →

No Thanks

It wasn’t until I got old that I finally realized how much a “thank you” meant. Now our ears await the “thanks” back from the grandkids and friends when we give them something. A long time ago my in-laws gave me a lot and I don’t remember thanking ... Continue reading →