Never Forgive

It feels good to say “I will never forgive you”. Never Forgive. It is a threat and an empowering statement. Don’t mess with me. But it is also too late if the act to be forgiven has already done its harm. “You slandered my family!” “You desecrated my ... Continue reading →


What is beautiful about shooting? Well, sometimes we have to hunt to feed...  that goes back 10,000 years…  Stones, clubs, spears, traps, poison, arrows, bullets, explosives, and whatever else  are the tools of killing.  Accepted and necessary when ... Continue reading →


Our mother gave birth.  And we became us...  Dad was a minor player in the miraculous creation.  Yes, our “me” was formed at that first breath and scream.  And from then on we tested our boundaries...Got spanked a little… corrected behavior and charged on ... Continue reading →


Thank God, my name is not on the list. You know, the list of guys in Kennebunk, Maine who were playing Zumba for all kinds of pleasures. Darn it the gal got caught and the police are obligated to put all the names of the pleasure seekers on their Police ... Continue reading →


What a wonderful “Live” show.  Young people singing their hearts out in pursuit of fame and recognition and love…  I like all the “Live” shows as they are so much more real than all the other shows which are so expertly edited and formed to entertain us.  ... Continue reading →