My Terms

I am going to do everything you ask as long as it is on my terms. I am going to give you money as long as it is on my terms. I am going to give you hope as long as it is on my terms. The problem is that we all want everything on our own terms. ... Continue reading →


Something hasn’t been right for a while. A gnawing feeling of mortality. And then I was on a Caribbean beach every day. Walking from the water 15 yards on soft sand I could barely make it to the chair. A dizziness?? Ignored it. It’s been going on ... Continue reading →

Looks Funny

Looks funny? Sometimes your inner voice says that something looks funny… I didn’t say smells… just looks funny. It’s the first warning that something isn’t right. You keep it to yourself, but you keep thinking about it. Is it a danger or a ... Continue reading →


Free the bees from their nest… Or smoke them out and watch the frenzy. Get too close and everyone gets stung. It hurts. It is scary. Think about Congress as a bee hive. The Queen with the blond hair rules. But let’s change the gender for a ... Continue reading →


Say something funny, I need a laugh. In fact, I want to laugh out loud. For a moment. It feels so good. Laughing that is… My problem is that I find things to be funny that are not. There is so much humor in what we all do. Making innocent fun “with” ... Continue reading →