Con Science

Right or wrong… I’m just doing it! And some impulse says you are right and you leap into the moment… into danger. Outcomes uncertain… You “just do it”. Remorse maybe… later… but not to act means you might own guilt….. We have glorified “conscience” ... Continue reading →


Doggone  it!  The Voice has become my favorite escape show.  Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 PM don’t bother calling. This is about the music of life.  New voices singing their hearts out for fame and escape from obscurity.  The judges are wonderful and ... Continue reading →


I really didn’t believe it.  I had heard stories, but I really couldn’t conceive of what we have allowed to come to pass.  An attractive e-mail is received inquiring about work with a résumé attached.  I responded to call and have an interview with us.  ... Continue reading →