World War I Armistice

World War I 9 Million dead; 29 Million wounded. “The war to end all wars”. Except that it wasn’t. All the king’s politicians and all the king’s senators still could not put lasting peace together again. So here we are with Iran, China, and ... Continue reading →

Da Judge

“Here comes ‘da judge”. I forget who first said this... In some comedy show?? None “such” happening yet... In fact the confirmation hearings are just plain torture comedy. What is a judge supposed to do? Isn’t it to make sure that Truth ... Continue reading →

Partisan Ship

We sailed the seven seas. We discovered America. We gave it a Constitution. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall, So Help Me God”. Through fine print and litigation, we have neutered the intent of this famous and necessary document. We have ... Continue reading →

No Thanks

It wasn’t until I got old that I finally realized how much a “thank you” meant. Now our ears await the “thanks” back from the grandkids and friends when we give them something. A long time ago my in-laws gave me a lot and I don’t remember thanking ... Continue reading →

Long Division

Before calculators and computers mathematics was taught in all schools. There were slide rules and there was this crazy math called “long division”. It was fun and ingenious. Fractions made real. Kinda like factions?? Where everyone is divided ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ Everybody wants better. Better cars. Better homes. Better money. Better hair. We could list 100 things we want better without effort. But wanting better is not getting better. Better only happens if ... Continue reading →

Say Something

Say something, I’m giving up on you are lyrics from a wonderful song of the day. What does it mean beyond a broken love relationship? Beyond the song? Our nation was founded on principles that were hammered out by a group of men with a united vision. ... Continue reading →


What is common about Boston?  New York? Newtown? Aleppo? Kabul? Evil and hate coexist with truth and love.   Not to acknowledge either is to live in denial.  Evil cannot just be legislated away which is the contemporary leaning.  Evil is our ... Continue reading →


I have a friend, Philippe, who believes that CO2 is our number one priority.  The misfortunes and indecisions of man come to foot at this group of elements.  Hmm.. When I was a kid, you know. ..mid 20’s… the Navy taught to me swim at night by using the ... Continue reading →


“I’m just saying”.  Listen carefully to when someone says “I’m just saying”.  They can be in the middle of a lengthy explanation and insert “I’m just sayin’…” and are you supposed to listen more intently?  Is this a signal that this person is highlighting ... Continue reading →