Sensitive Vetting

Feelings come first. How you feel about the applicant…. Will guide actions. Immigration staffs must screen for all kinds of behavior… For eye contact… For body language. And… treat each person as a person. Manuals and regulations that defy ... Continue reading →

Crowd Size

My crowd size is bigger than your crowd. My dad is bigger than your dad. My big brother is going to get you. So who cares?? Unless you get beat up. LOL. Have you been a President standing in front of a million people giving your ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ First things first. It’s about the hair. Can’t get beyond it. How can such an interesting guy have such a distracting look? John Lennon! The hair hung down almost over his eyes. The Beatles landed ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ Everybody wants better. Better cars. Better homes. Better money. Better hair. We could list 100 things we want better without effort. But wanting better is not getting better. Better only happens if ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ The dogs of war are loose. Which war? Middle-East? Politics? Financial? How did we get to the place where there is so much disturbing financial news from so many quarters? We are dithering visions into ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ “Incoming”….. Everybody hits the ground and covers their head. Don’t want the brain to get a bruise. How can you tell how many missiles are in the air? Or drones hovering?? Or the journalists in the ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ Everybody loves great falls. Niagara is the best. This guy has been beat up so many times but he ain’t going over. Not in his DNA. Pundits just love to predict the demise of the demisers. We have to ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ TRUMPSTER Back the dumpster up guys… Over here… A little more to the Right. Good. Hold fast. Some of the political garbage will smell. Just ignore it and fill ‘er up. Political impasse and special ... Continue reading →