Transparency is the answer!  I want it on every t-shirt in every possible language!  English, French, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, etc.  We have finally carved out the solution to all that keeps us apart and allows evil to triumph.  ... Continue reading →


I really didn’t believe it.  I had heard stories, but I really couldn’t conceive of what we have allowed to come to pass.  An attractive e-mail is received inquiring about work with a résumé attached.  I responded to call and have an interview with us.  ... Continue reading →


Don’t despair.  Wonderful phrase.  Used it in the last article.  This is part two. Don’t despair, avoidance is the powerful management tool now available to you to control the unexpected.  For only a $15.00 monthly charge this App, and the “Whatever ... Continue reading →


NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST DIFFICULT TO WRITE AND THE MOST DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND. But you are entitled to a full explanation of what is due to you.  You should never accept anything less than the truth.  That is your right.  From your parents ... Continue reading →