Yesterday I was unfriended by someone I didn’t know. Or it could have been a person I thought was a friend. How can you ever tell what someone really thinks about you? To many it is to have as many friends on the internet as possible. One’s ... Continue reading →


Marooned in a database for life. Parts of me spread throughout cyberspace. I want them back. Life was good when nobody knew anything about me... They couldn’t Google my name before they met me. They couldn’t look at my Facebook history and make ... Continue reading →

Artificial Intelligence

Now your car can park itself. Are we supposed to give it some rights as it now has a brain? Feelings? Artificial intelligence is being integrated into almost everything we have. Just wait and see. Cognitive computing. All human opinion is ... Continue reading →

Fifty Cents

Just give me 50 cents worth. No more. No less. A perfect standoff. Nobody wins. It is a tie. How do you break a tie? Shouting louder? Throw a rock? Anger erupts when nobody wins. It’s not the numbers on the outside, but the feeling of losing ... Continue reading →


Transparency is the answer!  I want it on every t-shirt in every possible language!  English, French, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, etc.  We have finally carved out the solution to all that keeps us apart and allows evil to triumph.  ... Continue reading →


What would it be like to live without a face?  Anyone we don’t know has no face.  For isn’t it the first thing we seem to remember about another person, loved one or one not so loved??  We spend so much time looking at our face.  When we brush our teeth ... Continue reading →