The Drill Instructor (DI) barks out his commands to the frightened cadre.  “Gimme 50!!!”    “Backs straight!!”  “Chest must touch ground!!”  “Full extension!!”  “Get that back straight, how many times do I have to tell you??!!”  “OK, stay at lean and rest ... Continue reading →


Let's form a new special interest group, the SPCR.  The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rights.  I am so sick and tired of rights being abused, watered down, and used as issues against the majority.  Whew…this is really dangerous terrain…?? Let’s ... Continue reading →


How many times can a kid say “why”?  One why leads to another...  ad nauseam.  Why? This is writ is going to drive both of us nuts.  Why?  Because the word why is going to attack us and we get enough of it all day long as it is. It all started with our ... Continue reading →


Somebody said “Too Bad” to me once and it hurt my feelings..  I can’t remember how young I was.  Maybe my Dad said it when I wanted to take the car out when I was 15.   Chris,   NO….    But  Dad…???    Please…     No!     You are not nice! …    “TOO ... Continue reading →