The Quarter

What has more value? A million dollars or a quarter? Which buys you more happiness? The quarter can if it is your last and you give it to someone in need. This trumps the million every time. Sometimes life can be very unfair. Sometimes life ... Continue reading →

Guilt Edges

If you are honest with yourself there are so many things to feel guilty about. In fact, guilt is a healthy thing. It means you are being honest with yourself. Carrying deeply protected private feelings of guilt over something you did is ... Continue reading →


I know that it is really time to be positive.  Nothing ever gets accomplished with a negative predisposition.  Everyone makes mistakes. Things are done that are regrettable. I hate to say it but we all have done some very wrong things that have hurt or ... Continue reading →


Nothing.  I don’t want you to do anything.  You don’t know what I am going through.  You don’t know what I am feeling. If I am bleeding and you can see the blood you can help.  Get a Band-Aid, apply a tourniquet, raise my head, give me a Heimlich, call ... Continue reading →


Similarities.  We are in awe of similarities.  We share similarities with other humans and even living things.  Crazy.  How can one be so different and yet find a similarity elsewhere?  We can easily find similarities with our parents.  Heck our DNAs are ... Continue reading →


The Call.  When will that call come?  Aren’t we all waiting for that call that will unlock some secret pain from the past?  Is not every person carrying some feeling from their past that is unresolved? Life is about processing all the joyful and painful ... Continue reading →


Cruising along in life wondering what is next?  Around the next turn?  In the next meeting? On the next face?  In the next text? When you are young all looks so bright and promising.  Health and vigor dominates and assures that all can be managed.   ... Continue reading →


I am guilty.  I will take the blame.  I will never do it again.  It was stupid and I wasn’t thinking.  Really Dad, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.  Can I pay you back?  But, please don’t take my driver’s license away.  Please.  Mikey made me do it. This is ... Continue reading →