World War I Armistice

World War I 9 Million dead; 29 Million wounded. “The war to end all wars”. Except that it wasn’t. All the king’s politicians and all the king’s senators still could not put lasting peace together again. So here we are with Iran, China, and ... Continue reading →

Memorial Day

Our flag flies at half mast. Our flag. The flag of the United States of America. Our flag allows us to debate, criticize, and protest as much as we want without fear of persecution. It is amazing how much we love to criticize. Media and social ... Continue reading →

Flee Speech

“Flee” speech is the new name for “free” speech.  Think about it. Everyone has the right to “free” speech.  That is one of the beautiful miracles of our democracy. Except those who now wish to be heard have to yell louder over the majority.  To get ... Continue reading →


Nothing.  I don’t want you to do anything.  You don’t know what I am going through.  You don’t know what I am feeling. If I am bleeding and you can see the blood you can help.  Get a Band-Aid, apply a tourniquet, raise my head, give me a Heimlich, call ... Continue reading →


We have freedom.  We are a multicultural miracle.  We have an economy engined by democracy with unlimited potential if we get out of the way. We have taken the spirit of man and created a system where he can grow and gain regardless of his outer shell.  ... Continue reading →


We finally have the final word from the Supreme Court.  Thank God we have somewhere to go to find out what is right and wrong so we can get back to our daily lives.  Awaiting their decisions is so exciting as simplicity can be re-established as a cure for ... Continue reading →