Tis Of Thee

My country… is facing challenges greater than ever. Who would have believed…? Elections were chaos… media lost leadership. Nobody knows what to believe any more. So we turn away. Never from our flag. Patriotism is going underground. The flag has been ... Continue reading →

Tiny Church

Church is so mislabeled and criticized and scorned and rejected. Something has to be the cause of all our unhappiness. So people who claim to know it all are the first mocked. Been going on since forever… Somewhere, someone must have a handle on what ... Continue reading →

Patriotic Duty

It is my patriotic duty to inform you that we finally have screwed it all up. “Freedom of Patriotism” is now derided as unpatriotic. Go figure?? What in the hell is going on?? The dissenters are labeling everything patriotic as conservative right ... Continue reading →


It was 9:30 AM today, December 21, 2012 and our employees and I held hands in silence, a national moment of respect for a great loss of innocence. Some of us, I really wished it were all of us, could say this was a moment of prayer.  Prayer to an ... Continue reading →


“I know someone who goes there who sleeps with”….. or… “That church is people who think they are better than us” …. or… “That denomination is so full of rules.  Forget it”….. or….. “Everyone looks at what you are wearing”…..or…”They ask you to do things I ... Continue reading →