A Buddy Died

They pounded their Tridents onto the coffin. Salutes. A new flag in Arlington. A folded one handed to a wife. A mother’s hand on her shoulder. Kids dressed up. Buddies at attention. Fingers pulling triggers, jarring the ... Continue reading →


Why does it happen?  Why? When we are young and vibrant our bodies do anything we ask of them.  You can even become a SEAL.  It seems like life is pain and pleasure, never to end.  Love is sought and consumed.  Truth is elusive and found often too ... Continue reading →


My wife said to write something happy and then she would read it.  But I am a happy guy.  I am happy when I write because I am trying to give something to a reader.  Ok, for her, I will try to just make this happy. Playing with grammar and words makes me ... Continue reading →