“I knew I shouldn’t have done that!”  “When will I ever learn??”  “I told you not to do that!!”  “Why did you even say that??”  “Because you did that people were hurt.” How do you right a wrong?  How do you do right rather than wrong?  And who gets to ... Continue reading →


I really didn’t believe it.  I had heard stories, but I really couldn’t conceive of what we have allowed to come to pass.  An attractive e-mail is received inquiring about work with a résumé attached.  I responded to call and have an interview with us.  ... Continue reading →


There has to be this fabulous island one can voyage to in complete peace where the diving is great, the people are embracing, and the food sublime.   Guilt-Free Island in Micronesia, the South Pacific.  Takes a long time to get there but it is truly worth ... Continue reading →