I don't know about you… but I hate evil. We hate so many things these days.  There are people we hate.  There are crimes we hate.  I am not saying we don't love, too.  But this writ is about hate…  I hate attitudes that say the glass is half empty, where ... Continue reading →


What is common about Boston?  New York? Newtown? Aleppo? Kabul? Evil and hate coexist with truth and love.   Not to acknowledge either is to live in denial.  Evil cannot just be legislated away which is the contemporary leaning.  Evil is our ... Continue reading →


I really hate pistachio ice cream.  I also hate any ice cream with mint or that is green.  I love frogs.  Girls hate frogs.  I love vanilla swiss almond.  Boy..  that vanilla is the best. But when you crunch on those chocolate covered almonds it is better ... Continue reading →