Due North

I can remember the phrase “Due North” since way back as a kid. First compass? North Star? You got all your bearings from due North. Had to know it was right to plot courses. Whether sextants at sea or compass at land True North had to be known. If you ... Continue reading →

The Quarter

What has more value? A million dollars or a quarter? Which buys you more happiness? The quarter can if it is your last and you give it to someone in need. This trumps the million every time. Sometimes life can be very unfair. Sometimes life ... Continue reading →


ME-Centric. I could stop right now and leave it at that.  That which defines the uniqueness (or malfunction?) of man… Or just the way that it is. We all know that we are born and grow and see and feel and think with our own self.  It is a miraculous ... Continue reading →


Passion defines you.   Did you ever think about that? Do you remember the first time you could not get him or her out of your mind?  You were so attracted… Your pulse kicked up a beat…  You anxiously waited for the next moment you would see your ... Continue reading →