Is Real

Hello millennials! History is real. It is there for you to google in addition to your faces. The street interviewer today paints a frightening portrait of man’s growing ignorance. America has become so isolated and safe that it considers evil ... Continue reading →


Isn’t a cartoon wonderful?  Especially the strip ones in the newspaper.  You know you are going to get a chuckle and a thought to which you can nod in assent.  Gosh, isn’t that the truth?…chuckle….  Of course there are the action ones, the romance ... Continue reading →


Last chapter first is the title which is the farthest from birth. But that is how life is. Now is where we are and birth was where we started. We started? I started? Birth is a miracle to some. A glorious miracle. Especially if it is your own birth. ... Continue reading →


NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST DIFFICULT TO WRITE AND THE MOST DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND. But you are entitled to a full explanation of what is due to you.  You should never accept anything less than the truth.  That is your right.  From your parents ... Continue reading →