Guilt Edges

If you are honest with yourself there are so many things to feel guilty about. In fact, guilt is a healthy thing. It means you are being honest with yourself. Carrying deeply protected private feelings of guilt over something you did is ... Continue reading →


Transparency is the answer!  I want it on every t-shirt in every possible language!  English, French, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, etc.  We have finally carved out the solution to all that keeps us apart and allows evil to triumph.  ... Continue reading →


Nope, this is not a story about the Tugboat that pulled and pulled the disabled ship back into port. That could be a great analogy. There is the tug…. On your shirtsleeve for attention. You turn to see who it is. If at home you probably know.But if ... Continue reading →


Last chapter first is the title which is the farthest from birth. But that is how life is. Now is where we are and birth was where we started. We started? I started? Birth is a miracle to some. A glorious miracle. Especially if it is your own birth. ... Continue reading →


What a wonderful “Live” show.  Young people singing their hearts out in pursuit of fame and recognition and love…  I like all the “Live” shows as they are so much more real than all the other shows which are so expertly edited and formed to entertain us.  ... Continue reading →