In Security

Every one of us will do anything to feel secure. Husbands are meant to protect the family. He is to provide security. Women can’t be women if they don’t feel secure. We need money to feel secure. We need our car to feel secure… Often we spend ... Continue reading →


Leave me alone.  Why can’t you just leave me alone?  I can figure it out myself.  I don’t need anybody to help me...  Acteth the 10 year old… sayeth the 15 year old... and sayeth the 21 year old… and sayeth the 30 year old…  and sayeth the 50 year ... Continue reading →


Pain is so confusing.  There are so many kinds of pain.  Where do you start?  Many of us know so little of the pain shouldered by so many.  The pain of illness.  The pain of injury.  The pain of emotional scars.  The pain of abuse.  The pain of ... Continue reading →


Security is the most wonderful feeling there is. You can be in prison and be secure if no one is trying to kill you. In security must mean in a secure place where nothing can hurt you. You can be in prison and be secure if no one is trying to kill ... Continue reading →


"Our schools are failing”.  We politicians like to banter this one around a lot.   Do the rich have better schools than the poor?  Has more money been poured into the poor schools?  Do teachers in poor schools teach better than teachers in the rich ... Continue reading →