Say something funny, I need a laugh. In fact, I want to laugh out loud. For a moment. It feels so good. Laughing that is… My problem is that I find things to be funny that are not. There is so much humor in what we all do. Making innocent fun “with” ... Continue reading →


NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE THE EASIEST TO WRITE COMPARED TO THE LAST ONE.  LOL Which comes first?  The wisdom or the ignorance?  Did you ever think you have to be wise to be ignorant.  Isn't it not fun when you say you know something and are proven wrong?  ... Continue reading →


A trillion dollars of debt!  Now that is a figure I can work with.  I can get my arms and brain wrapped around that one.  Multiples of a trillion are now easier to manage.  A trillion dollars, yessss.  Debt is always something you want to reduce to zero.  ... Continue reading →


Don’t despair.  Wonderful phrase.  Used it in the last article.  This is part two. Don’t despair, avoidance is the powerful management tool now available to you to control the unexpected.  For only a $15.00 monthly charge this App, and the “Whatever ... Continue reading →


NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST DIFFICULT TO WRITE AND THE MOST DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND. But you are entitled to a full explanation of what is due to you.  You should never accept anything less than the truth.  That is your right.  From your parents ... Continue reading →


Don’t despair.  Wonderful phrase.  Have you heard it before?  It has to do with no hope.  What is hope?  Hope is just wishing something will happen?  Sounds like both of them are kind of silly? It is easy to say don’t worry.  Actually when you say don’t ... Continue reading →


We finally have the final word from the Supreme Court.  Thank God we have somewhere to go to find out what is right and wrong so we can get back to our daily lives.  Awaiting their decisions is so exciting as simplicity can be re-established as a cure for ... Continue reading →


What right do I have to be right?  What are the rights of the right?  Does someone else have to be wrong for me to be right?  Do I have to be quiet or do I have my rights?  Is to disagree a right or is it a wrong?  Help me I am so confused about what is ... Continue reading →


Grammy died. A scream echoed in the deep recesses of daughters and granddaughters. All Grammies die. Why? I ask myself why? In the spring of life the tiny buds of green appear from nowhere. Little flowers then peek forth like in first dresses. Soon ... Continue reading →


Mike Monsoor was Navy SEAL.  Mike won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Mike is dead.  You see…. He, fellow Seals, and Iraqi soldiers they were working with were on a rooftop on September 29, 2006 in Ramadi.  A live grenade appeared.  All would be killed ... Continue reading →