Global Felony

Usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death. Every state has their own take on what is a felony with a judge determining the severity of the punishment. Real punishment gives the word “felony” meaning. A felony is a ... Continue reading →

Global Cooling

I like it cold rather than hot. I worry about global cooling. It is going to preserve us all in ice… Cities and nations in the deep freeze. Immobile and unable to fight any more. As relationships between nations chill, big wars appear more ... Continue reading →

Is Real

Hello millennials! History is real. It is there for you to google in addition to your faces. The street interviewer today paints a frightening portrait of man’s growing ignorance. America has become so isolated and safe that it considers evil ... Continue reading →

No Thanks

It wasn’t until I got old that I finally realized how much a “thank you” meant. Now our ears await the “thanks” back from the grandkids and friends when we give them something. A long time ago my in-laws gave me a lot and I don’t remember thanking ... Continue reading →