Sometimes you throw the ball so far it is hard to find it. We have done that with the Truth… thrown it too far… hmmm… hope it has a scent. With so much protesting and half-truth we are losing grip on our game. We were champions of freedom and truth, ... Continue reading →

Coat And Tie

There were posters of candidates in a coat and tie smiling back at you as you drove by. This was in an island nation. Except that this was the only time they wore their coat and tie except for weddings and funerals. Somehow, the coat and tie ... Continue reading →


Something hasn’t been right for a while. A gnawing feeling of mortality. And then I was on a Caribbean beach every day. Walking from the water 15 yards on soft sand I could barely make it to the chair. A dizziness?? Ignored it. It’s been going on ... Continue reading →