Is Real

Hello millennials! History is real. It is there for you to google in addition to your faces. The street interviewer today paints a frightening portrait of man’s growing ignorance. America has become so isolated and safe that it considers evil ... Continue reading →


Yes Dear, you have told me that 5 times. Enough. Politicians say the same thing in 20 different ways into 20 different cameras. They just change their ties once in a while. Reporters report on their same questions ad nauseam. No longer do they ... Continue reading →

Say Something

Say something, I’m giving up on you are lyrics from a wonderful song of the day. What does it mean beyond a broken love relationship? Beyond the song? Our nation was founded on principles that were hammered out by a group of men with a united vision. ... Continue reading →


100 MILLION Now... I know you have no clue where this is going. LOL And this is a big Laughing Out Loud. 100 Million is a big number... Maybe it’s the age of our planet? Maybe it is the number of people killed in our lifetime? Maybe it is the ... Continue reading →


“Hi Mom”. How come whenever I look at the Today Show and they pan the people outside all you see is “Hi Mom” signs? My first reaction is what about us dads??  Then I reflected that a mother’s eye never leaves the child.  Point taken.  Discussion ... Continue reading →


I have a friend, Philippe, who believes that CO2 is our number one priority.  The misfortunes and indecisions of man come to foot at this group of elements.  Hmm.. When I was a kid, you know. ..mid 20’s… the Navy taught to me swim at night by using the ... Continue reading →


You know?  I know that you know.  Do you know that I know?  You know?  Do you know how many times I hear “you know” during the course of the day, week, or YEAR??? !!!  I am hoping Bose makes You Know Ear Plugs soon.  Or headphones that can filter out the ... Continue reading →