Mother Power

The womb was room enough. Cozy, warm, assuring. Then…. No more pain for mom…. Or… has it just begun? Mother is the power that fills the young inquiring eyes with Truth. Her affirmation is always there. We feel her pride. Life does all it can to ... Continue reading →


Something hasn’t been right for a while. A gnawing feeling of mortality. And then I was on a Caribbean beach every day. Walking from the water 15 yards on soft sand I could barely make it to the chair. A dizziness?? Ignored it. It’s been going on ... Continue reading →


Hillary for President. OK…  I had to use this title to get you to read this…  Yep, I tricked you… but did I? What are the requirements to be a good leader?  Does it hold for both business and politics?  How about educators, scientists, humanitarians??  ... Continue reading →