The Bottle

Everyone carries the bottle these days.  It has even become a fashion accessory to be seen with and adorned.  Holders and hangers abound with designs and personalization. Yes, the plastic water bottle has over-arrived.  It represents purity, which we ... Continue reading →

Where From?

I was getting some prescription eyeglasses. They turn dark in the sun. As she helped, she commented that everyone asks her all day “where are you from?” It’s like you were different and everyone was telling you, you are all day. Never happened ... Continue reading →


Animals have a tough go of it unless they are lucky enough to find decent and caring owners. Not all are. There is abuse and abandonment in the animal kingdom. Really bad with dogs and cats. I can’t imagine anyone being cruel to a Golden ... Continue reading →

Protest Ready Or Not

“Olly Olly Oxen Free!” Protest ready or not, here we come! Ever play this game as a kid? We said “Olly Olly In Free” when we made it back without getting caught… ready or not! Who ever heard of protesting before the media’s amplification of it on ... Continue reading →