Eyeway Robbery

It’s raining. Some liken raindrops to tears…. Our beautiful nation is criticizing itself to death. It is a time for tears… for those who have given up…. I repeat… for those who have given up. Or as a few of us know, rung the bell…. Regulations will ... Continue reading →


What is common about Boston?  New York? Newtown? Aleppo? Kabul? Evil and hate coexist with truth and love.   Not to acknowledge either is to live in denial.  Evil cannot just be legislated away which is the contemporary leaning.  Evil is our ... Continue reading →


Have we become legally insane?? I know it is insane to write this.  Some of you are already reaching for your phone…..  Because when you hear someone say something not funny or even funny these days you had better be on the safe side and report it.  We ... Continue reading →