Church State

Churches are becoming labelled in our educational system as not politically correct… aka evil. Churches are where people congregate to learn about morals, morality, sin, forgiveness, and love… and Truth. But don’t be seen going into one these days. ... Continue reading →


Have you ever heard that?  “Don’t wear your religion on your sleeve”?? I have.  I remember being corrected when I was young.  Forgot where.  But it stuck.  You know…  don’t force your beliefs on someone else.  Good advice.  Hey, people are always giving ... Continue reading →


What the heck in the world is a pew?  I just checked Wikipedia and it says something to do with long wooden benches in churches with aisles so you can get in and out fast.  Then is it “pew” or “phew?”  I know many assume the latter.  Either way the world ... Continue reading →