Anti-Social Media

Social media has captivated the attention and time of most of the world. Anyone who can get a cell phone or computer are CAPTIVATED! (me too) Wait…the word may be Captive. Are we all captive of it? Does this not infer there should be an Escape plan?? ... Continue reading →

Sophisticated Arrogance

Hallowed be thy network. May thy editor’s will be done. Make the truth be obscure so it will be a hell of a lot more fun… For some…. Reputations dangle in the wind. As the ignorant and biased laugh and laugh and diminish their worth. Sadly ... Continue reading →


Yes Dear, you have told me that 5 times. Enough. Politicians say the same thing in 20 different ways into 20 different cameras. They just change their ties once in a while. Reporters report on their same questions ad nauseam. No longer do they ... Continue reading →