My Terms

I am going to do everything you ask as long as it is on my terms. I am going to give you money as long as it is on my terms. I am going to give you hope as long as it is on my terms. The problem is that we all want everything on our own terms. ... Continue reading →


I was at a red light last night, stopped of course….  And said to myself….  Hmmm… This is funny…  Why is everybody next to me and across from me stopped??  Oh, yes, it is the red light. It is just black and white.  The red light, that is.  Black and ... Continue reading →


Why do men want so much? Back in the beginnings of civilization or even existence, the male of our species was the provider and protector.  He was in charge of life and death, rules and punishment.  The woman was in charge of birth, nurturing and ... Continue reading →


Rules are meant to create order and keep one from harm. Rules try to put us on a path that ends in good… Well, it so happens that we did not like the original rules.  Guess what? We then wrote more rules to make the original rules easier to manage. OK… ... Continue reading →