Twitter Twaddle

Tweet the meat. Gotta know what someone is saying so you can hitch a ride and decide… who is the fool. Twitter your twaddle and reveal how intelligent you are, much less how funny… This is the new norm to be able to comment on anyone and anything ... Continue reading →


Yesterday I was unfriended by someone I didn’t know. Or it could have been a person I thought was a friend. How can you ever tell what someone really thinks about you? To many it is to have as many friends on the internet as possible. One’s ... Continue reading →

My Terms

I am going to do everything you ask as long as it is on my terms. I am going to give you money as long as it is on my terms. I am going to give you hope as long as it is on my terms. The problem is that we all want everything on our own terms. ... Continue reading →


Is there a place for social media (SM) in combat?   Facebook, Skype, Viber and texting are a few of the new psyche-defining influences on the spontaneous thinking and decision making capabilities of our youth and future soldiers.  Do you see a young ... Continue reading →