Da Judge

“Here comes ‘da judge”. I forget who first said this... In some comedy show?? None “such” happening yet... In fact the confirmation hearings are just plain torture comedy. What is a judge supposed to do? Isn’t it to make sure that Truth ... Continue reading →

Supreme Court

Supreme Court. Courtship? A lost art? When you see that girl that you feel is the “one”….  You start your impulsive strategy to win her over….  Hopefully ending in a “brief” kiss and submission…LOL Men tend to court all their lives.  A dance ... Continue reading →


Have we become legally insane?? I know it is insane to write this.  Some of you are already reaching for your phone…..  Because when you hear someone say something not funny or even funny these days you had better be on the safe side and report it.  We ... Continue reading →


We finally have the final word from the Supreme Court.  Thank God we have somewhere to go to find out what is right and wrong so we can get back to our daily lives.  Awaiting their decisions is so exciting as simplicity can be re-established as a cure for ... Continue reading →