Crowd Size

My crowd size is bigger than your crowd. My dad is bigger than your dad. My big brother is going to get you. So who cares?? Unless you get beat up. LOL. Have you been a President standing in front of a million people giving your ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ First things first. It’s about the hair. Can’t get beyond it. How can such an interesting guy have such a distracting look? John Lennon! The hair hung down almost over his eyes. The Beatles landed ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ Think about it. We have fences around every swimming pool. We have fences around all our property. We have fences around government property. Serious fences to keep terrorists away too. Sometimes fences ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ “Incoming”….. Everybody hits the ground and covers their head. Don’t want the brain to get a bruise. How can you tell how many missiles are in the air? Or drones hovering?? Or the journalists in the ... Continue reading →