Our mother gave birth.  And we became us...  Dad was a minor player in the miraculous creation.  Yes, our “me” was formed at that first breath and scream.  And from then on we tested our boundaries...Got spanked a little… corrected behavior and charged on ... Continue reading →


Cruising along in life wondering what is next?  Around the next turn?  In the next meeting? On the next face?  In the next text? When you are young all looks so bright and promising.  Health and vigor dominates and assures that all can be managed.   ... Continue reading →


I was made in America. I was born in New York.  I was not born in Africa.  I was not born in China.  I was not born in Iran.  I was not born in Mexico. How come I was not born in Siberia?  I don’t know.  But I’d like to meet the Guy who made the decision ... Continue reading →


Don’t despair.  Wonderful phrase.  Have you heard it before?  It has to do with no hope.  What is hope?  Hope is just wishing something will happen?  Sounds like both of them are kind of silly? It is easy to say don’t worry.  Actually when you say don’t ... Continue reading →