In Awe

I was watching “The Universe” on Netflix. The sun, the planets, the galaxies. Mind boggling terms of billions of years, millions of miles per hour. I had to stop as it made no sense. Infinite numbers you can’t put on a blackboard and explain. Awesome ... Continue reading →


How important is the irrelevant? Crazy question? First... one has to know what is important. The older we get the wiser we supposedly get… hmm… But who determines what is wise? If it were left to us we can be sure some of our beliefs were ... Continue reading →

Eyes On

I see it. Index and forefinger in front of your eyes. In confirmation that you have found what you wanted. Your buddy nods. The moment of Truth. Few will ever get to experience such a moment… or will they? There so many things in life that ... Continue reading →

Da Judge

“Here comes ‘da judge”. I forget who first said this... In some comedy show?? None “such” happening yet... In fact the confirmation hearings are just plain torture comedy. What is a judge supposed to do? Isn’t it to make sure that Truth ... Continue reading →


Why did I do that?  Why do they do that?  Nothing was accomplished!  Or wasn’t that great?  I wish it could be that way all the time.  Why is she so upset?  Why is he so stupid?  Why can’t they just say nice things?  Why does abuse exist?  What is all ... Continue reading →


Mortality kind of infers something permanent.   It says we are mortal.  What the heck does that mean?  Whatever… People die.  Sure, what’s the big deal?  I am young enough and really busy mister…  go away.  Obituary??  Who reads that?  It’s the last part ... Continue reading →


Our mother gave birth.  And we became us...  Dad was a minor player in the miraculous creation.  Yes, our “me” was formed at that first breath and scream.  And from then on we tested our boundaries...Got spanked a little… corrected behavior and charged on ... Continue reading →


“Go away”. How many people and situations do you wish would just go away?  Maybe someone is telling you something to do?  How about your father?  How about your boss?  How about your drill sergeant?  How about the IRS? I'll bet your life is full of ... Continue reading →


There has to be this fabulous island one can voyage to in complete peace where the diving is great, the people are embracing, and the food sublime.   Guilt-Free Island in Micronesia, the South Pacific.  Takes a long time to get there but it is truly worth ... Continue reading →


Thank God, my name is not on the list. You know, the list of guys in Kennebunk, Maine who were playing Zumba for all kinds of pleasures. Darn it the gal got caught and the police are obligated to put all the names of the pleasure seekers on their Police ... Continue reading →