Twitter Twaddle

Tweet the meat. Gotta know what someone is saying so you can hitch a ride and decide… who is the fool. Twitter your twaddle and reveal how intelligent you are, much less how funny… This is the new norm to be able to comment on anyone and anything ... Continue reading →

Artificial Intelligence

Now your car can park itself. Are we supposed to give it some rights as it now has a brain? Feelings? Artificial intelligence is being integrated into almost everything we have. Just wait and see. Cognitive computing. All human opinion is ... Continue reading →

Fifty Cents

Just give me 50 cents worth. No more. No less. A perfect standoff. Nobody wins. It is a tie. How do you break a tie? Shouting louder? Throw a rock? Anger erupts when nobody wins. It’s not the numbers on the outside, but the feeling of losing ... Continue reading →

Sensitive Vetting

Feelings come first. How you feel about the applicant…. Will guide actions. Immigration staffs must screen for all kinds of behavior… For eye contact… For body language. And… treat each person as a person. Manuals and regulations that defy ... Continue reading →