Say something funny, I need a laugh. In fact, I want to laugh out loud. For a moment. It feels so good. Laughing that is… My problem is that I find things to be funny that are not. There is so much humor in what we all do. Making innocent fun “with” ... Continue reading →


100 MILLION Now... I know you have no clue where this is going. LOL And this is a big Laughing Out Loud. 100 Million is a big number... Maybe it’s the age of our planet? Maybe it is the number of people killed in our lifetime? Maybe it is the ... Continue reading →


Similarities.  We are in awe of similarities.  We share similarities with other humans and even living things.  Crazy.  How can one be so different and yet find a similarity elsewhere?  We can easily find similarities with our parents.  Heck our DNAs are ... Continue reading →


Our mother gave birth.  And we became us...  Dad was a minor player in the miraculous creation.  Yes, our “me” was formed at that first breath and scream.  And from then on we tested our boundaries...Got spanked a little… corrected behavior and charged on ... Continue reading →


Wait a second.  Wait..  hold all that opinion and judgment. Shoes are made for walking.  Whose shoes have you walked in? When you were born where was it?  California, Uganda, Damascus, Port-au-Prince, or Pyongyang?  How come I was born in New ... Continue reading →


Letters to the Editor.  Do you ever read them in your hometown newspaper?  There seem to be so many more these days.  How in the world does an editor edit the feelings of thousands?  They used to be fun, for the most part…and you could laugh.  Not at…but ... Continue reading →


Have we become legally insane?? I know it is insane to write this.  Some of you are already reaching for your phone…..  Because when you hear someone say something not funny or even funny these days you had better be on the safe side and report it.  We ... Continue reading →


I just got back from the Village School where a bunch of kids were sorting donated toys.  What a buzz of joyous activity as Christmas was being bagged for families who had little for their own Christmas tree, metaphorically speaking.  Must have been 60 ... Continue reading →


I really didn’t believe it.  I had heard stories, but I really couldn’t conceive of what we have allowed to come to pass.  An attractive e-mail is received inquiring about work with a résumé attached.  I responded to call and have an interview with us.  ... Continue reading →


Let's form a new special interest group, the SPCR.  The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rights.  I am so sick and tired of rights being abused, watered down, and used as issues against the majority.  Whew…this is really dangerous terrain…?? Let’s ... Continue reading →