Surf Torture

“Stretch it out. Lock arms. Make that line straight! Walk into the water ankle deep. Look seaward. Keep that line straight! Drop and give me 50! (pushups)” The water is 55 degrees. Cold. SEAL candidates facing hours of shivering. And… ... Continue reading →

World War I Armistice

World War I 9 Million dead; 29 Million wounded. “The war to end all wars”. Except that it wasn’t. All the king’s politicians and all the king’s senators still could not put lasting peace together again. So here we are with Iran, China, and ... Continue reading →

Made In America

I was made in America. I was born in New York. I was not born in Africa. I was not born in China. I was not born in Iran. I was not born in Mexico. How come I was not born in Siberia? I don’t know. But I’d like to meet the Guy who made ... Continue reading →

Memorial Day

Our flag flies at half mast. Our flag. The flag of the United States of America. Our flag allows us to debate, criticize, and protest as much as we want without fear of persecution. It is amazing how much we love to criticize. Media and social ... Continue reading →


HHH is a professional wrestler. BBB is the Better Business Bureau. AAA helps you with your cars. Triple X was a movie with Vin Diesel and is a symbol of evil. Triple Crown is the ultimate in horse racing. Brand new is Triple V, VVV, ... Continue reading →


Life isn’t fair.  Some are lucky and some are not.  Some are born in the United States and some are born in Africa.  Some are born into Christianity and some are born into Islam.  Some live their lives in Nikes and some in bare feet.  Some should be glad ... Continue reading →