Leave me alone.  Why can’t you just leave me alone?  I can figure it out myself.  I don’t need anybody to help me...  Acteth the 10 year old… sayeth the 15 year old... and sayeth the 21 year old… and sayeth the 30 year old…  and sayeth the 50 year ... Continue reading →


“I’m just saying”.  Listen carefully to when someone says “I’m just saying”.  They can be in the middle of a lengthy explanation and insert “I’m just sayin’…” and are you supposed to listen more intently?  Is this a signal that this person is highlighting ... Continue reading →


Don’t despair.  Wonderful phrase.  Used it in the last article.  This is part two. Don’t despair, avoidance is the powerful management tool now available to you to control the unexpected.  For only a $15.00 monthly charge this App, and the “Whatever ... Continue reading →