Why do men want so much? Back in the beginnings of civilization or even existence, the male of our species was the provider and protector.  He was in charge of life and death, rules and punishment.  The woman was in charge of birth, nurturing and ... Continue reading →


How in the world does a woman find the right man?  Mr. Right.  The guy who will provide and protect, be faithful and caring.  Always ensuring no harm will come to her and their family.  To nurture and love, providing the home from which to grow and ... Continue reading →


Something amazing has happened in Naples, Florida.  A phenomenon that exists not elsewhere.  The letters to the lucky editor are 95% in favor of repealing the name ARTIS, which was so artfully conceived to replace “The Phil” or our Philharmonic Center For ... Continue reading →


“Hi Mom”. How come whenever I look at the Today Show and they pan the people outside all you see is “Hi Mom” signs? My first reaction is what about us dads??  Then I reflected that a mother’s eye never leaves the child.  Point taken.  Discussion ... Continue reading →


Isn’t a cartoon wonderful?  Especially the strip ones in the newspaper.  You know you are going to get a chuckle and a thought to which you can nod in assent.  Gosh, isn’t that the truth?…chuckle….  Of course there are the action ones, the romance ... Continue reading →