The Blacksmith

The BlacksmithWhat does forge mean?

Valley Forge???

“Forge ahead men.”… Sounds like a WW1 command in some God-awful trench. Forge ahead to an unlikely victory… and more likely to a gruesome death in some mud in Europe.

Something that is made in a forge is made in great heat with enormous power, pounding, and finesse. Horseshoes to swords. Art to car frames. Molten metals poured, cooled, and shaped. And sharpened into something that lasts.

What about values?? How are they forged? How do you get both children and men forged into strength, honesty, and humility?

Many more men today do not choose a journey that will make them strong. Social networks often prop up weakness. No one wants to be yelled at by a Drill Instructor, much less by any authority… even father or mother…… or wife….???

There has to be a better way? Except there isn’t.

Hard work, repetitive work, sweat, and pain yield wisdom and certitude. There is no easy way. The hard Way is the easy Way.

Honesty forges trust.

Compassion forges humility.

Freedom forges creativity.

Love forges hope.

The womb forges a breath.

That puts first mist on the mirror.

What do you want to be?


Chris Bent, former Navy SEAL UDT-21, is the author of 11 books. Troubled by all the pain and injustice in the world he is driven to write in brief chapters that touch universal truths. Helping us search and find where we are meant to go. Helping us make a difference. Helping us not to quit. Hopefully.

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