I am guilty.  I will take the blame.  I will never do it again.  It was stupid and I wasn’t thinking.  Really Dad, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.  Can I pay you back?  But, please don’t take my driver’s license away.  Please.  Mikey made me do it.

This is the Blame Game.  The most important rule of the game is to not blame yourself.  Repeat after me, very important…  I am not guilty.  It is not my fault.  Once you get past this hurdle you are home free.  The sense and taste of freedom is like a gourmet meal.  Ahhh…  really good.  It is so good to feel good again.  After all it was not my fault.

But other people know what happened and it is important for them to know whose fault it really is.  Ok, let me think who was around when it happened.  Aha, that guy, Michael, was there and said the thing that triggered me.  Yes, Mikey.

Everyone must be told asap.  I am on it.  My “A” game…  the blame game.   Mikey is not very good at defense anyway.  It’s also fun watching the blame stick on someone else.  Especially since that person “ain’t” me.  Yessssss!

Whew, the first part is done.  Peace at last.

I do feel a little bit guilty though…  Mikey is a good guy.

Maybe I should implicate Franky to take some of the pressure off Mikey???

Now… Let’s say that 30 years have passed.  I have kinda worried about Mikey all that time.  I kept it to myself but I really worried about what I may have done to Mikey.  I wasn’t fair… but… well…  I sure got myself out of a jam.  Thank God.

Yet, still…  the look on Mikey’s face still haunts me… especially at night.  It’s too late to blame someone else in the past.  Damn, this doesn’t feel right.  Poor Mikey.

It seems that it is OK to blame someone else.  Everyone does it these days.  Go look at the news on TV.  Look at those famous political commentators, much less the politicians themselves.  Look at those senators standing up and blaming.  The solution to solving problems is mired in the blame game.  Wow.  Blame the last administration.  Blame the next administration.  How did I get in this mess?   Maybe I can blame them for making blaming so acceptable?

Now that I am older and know more about life I see things a little differently.  I have certainly seen all my friends make mistakes.  I have seen a few do the right thing, usually unselfish, and I respect them for that.

You know, if I could do it all over again I would not have brought Mikey into it.  I would have just said I did it and taken the heat.  Would have been long gone and I could have done more with that energy saved.  Yes, I had nobody to blame but myself.

How could I have known not to blame?  Deep down inside I knew.  But shhhhh, don’t want anyone to hear…  I knew it was really wrong and I made a choice.  I made a bad choice.  I am sorry Mikey.  Will you forgive me?

Chris Bent
Kennebunkport, ME

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