The Call.  When will that call come?  Aren’t we all waiting for that call that will unlock some secret pain from the past?  Is not every person carrying some feeling from their past that is unresolved?

Life is about processing all the joyful and painful experiences that come one’s way.  No person is without sin.  Many try to pretend that sin is too strong a label for their sensitivities or philosophy.  We want our sins to just go away and never be heard from again.  Or the word is stupid and does not exist… The funny thing, I mean really funny, is that we are being dishonest with ourselves.  The memory of sins never goes away.  It never fades away.  For if sin is not dealt with head on it will continue to coexist with our façade.  It takes courage to be honest with
oneself.  Real courage.

There are the hurts of others that we also carry deep within.  Hurts others have done to us.  Hurts that we assume, accept, and carry.  Is not every one of us angry at someone?  Anger eats so insidiously at us.  We don’t know how to deal with it.  Some just try to ignore.  Some pray.  No solution works other than forgiveness.  You cannot be free from the hurt or anger until you forgive.  It is the most powerful tool we have, but it takes humility and courage to make it happen.

Do you know how many years can go by with hidden hurts weighing us down?  We are stubborn about trying every other approach but forgiveness.  Even drugs or alcohol or addictions cannot work..

Courage comes from conscience and grace.  Courage comes from goodness.  Courage comes from caring beyond self.  Without courage there is little hope.  The way out of difficult times is courage.  That is what Medals of Honor are about.  Each of us is capable of forgiveness.  Each of us can achieve our own invisible Medal of Honor.

The call.  Make the call to that person you need to ask forgiveness from.  Make that call to forgive that person.  Courage?  You bet.  Without forgiveness life has little chance.  Without forgiveness you have little chance.

If the call comes you also have to be able to receive it.  The courage on the other end must be embraced with courage and humility.  The effort must be acknowledged.  There is no other rational choice.  Love.

I received that call today.  Out of the damn blue.  No idea what courage it took for my caller to make it.  Both in tears.  I still feel the courage.  I still choke up.  She too.

The power of forgiveness explodes its intensity in love and grace.  Words are fleeting to describe.  Who to thank?  Who would know what this means but the caller and the called.

Without the example on the Cross we would not make the call.


Chris Bent



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