The greatest Democrat has yet to be born or yet to claim the throne.  It is within reach.  The greatest Democrat must simplify codes and vision.  Values must be reclaimed in clarity. The deserving poor must be embraced, not dehumanized by bureaucracy.  Those who work hard must be lauded; those who do not must accept responsibility not handout.

Fairness comes from ethics and morals.  A great Democrat cannot parse values.  He must stand for truth, compassion, and accountability.  Lastly, and most difficult, is to bring all together under a common vision of unity not division.  Class and demographic distinction, aka warfare, must be targeted as corrosive and deadly.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

In fact, you should take up the lead.

In fact, the greatest Democrat should be the greatest Republican, or vice versa.

In fact, neither will survive if they don’t take off their red and blue ball caps and act like an all star team against the perils ahead.

Christopher Bent

Letter Of The Day
Naples Daily News
Nov 30, 2012

Naples, FL
Kennebunkport, ME


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