Mike Monsoor was Navy SEAL.  Mike won the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Mike is dead.  You see…. He, fellow Seals, and Iraqi soldiers they were working with were on a rooftop on September 29, 2006 in Ramadi.  A live grenade appeared.  All would be killed or injured.  Mike reached deep inside where Truth lives and dove on the grenade.  His defining choice.  God bless you Mike.  Teammates were saved.   They hammered their Trident’s onto his coffin.

Most of us are never asked to make that kind of decision.  Really?  I am not so sure.

Mike defined choice.  He defined what serving is. He chose to serve his buddies with his life.  He said there is black and there is white. He said there is evil and there is good.  You want to debate??  Then go in the corner and hang an idiot sign around your neck.  I’ll bring you some animal crackers in an hour.

Ok, I feel better.  But this is all too important to dismiss quickly.  Mike became THE role model of role models model in that instant.  The same can be said of Michael Murphy and unseen others…..

Every moment of every day something bad happens.  Every bad thing is witnessed by someone.  Every bad event is initiated by some bad choice.  A person is responsible for that choice.  Think about it. People make evil possible.

A grenade is a really big bad thing.  But…  what about the small grenades of life?  Does a lie ever have the potential to cause great harm?  Does a lie actually damage the liar, much less the person who is lied about?

As we all know there are a bunch of sins I could list and there are the famous Commandments I could refer to in helping to define things that cause harm.  And…  How about a simple swear word that begins with an “F” uttered in earshot of a young child.  The first time that word would ever be heard.  Is there any way to know what seed may be planted…of an innocence lost?  Would you want that responsibility?  Was this not a potential grenade to this young life? Maybe..??  Who is to know?  In fact every wrong thing we witness in the course of a day is a potential grenade to someone.  Maybe we should look at life through Mike’s eyes and react with Holy instinct and attack?  Or do we out of habit and political correctness look away and busy ourselves with something else….  Some work task that is more important?  Or maybe turn up the volume of our headphones and sing “Chasing Pavements” along with Adele…???

I want us to give Mike the Medal of Value.  That medal can only be created and given to him by our actions. “Here Mike.  I did this because of you.  Your example made me do it.”

I want to be true to my inner core and see more mini-grenades in the course of each day and right them.  Stop them in their tracks.  To tell the person who perpetrates that they are doing wrong.  I want to do it out loud so others hear.  Too bad if feelings are hurt.  Too bad.   Take the criticism and be proud.  It matters.  Be humble.

Every sin is a grenade.  Do something about it.

Thank you Mike.

Chris Bent
Kennebunkport, ME

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