Narcotics cover a myriad of drugs.  There are the hard drugs, there are the smoking kind, and there are those hidden in prescriptions.  You pay a lot of money or you pay a little, but we all know you pay… and pay in currencies of lost lives and pain.  Yep, the drug war is beyond our comprehension. We talk like we understand it…  but we have no clue until it hits us…  Why is your first hit usually free??  Because the seller knows the false euphoria is the worm on his cash hood.  Adios life, hola dreamsville.  We all believe the dream under the influence, the feeling of well-being, the crooked smile of contentment is the answer to everything, especially self-doubt.  Nirvana is within reach.  Heaven is a myth as you feel it in the now.

Life is not easy.  No one is entitled to anything but hard work and honesty and truth and its rewards.  Why do we think life is supposed to be easy? Why do we think there are short-cuts to happiness??  Why?  Please ask yourself why?  Who sold us this illusion?  Movies?  Television? Advertising?  Who?  Why did we buy into it so readily?

Feeling good and the desire to feel good is its own addiction.  We are offered so many ways to achieve it…  and most all are deceivingly worthless… and we find out too late.  We ignore the advice of the knowledgeable and look the other way as we sense the stimulant taking effect.  Alcohol works good too.  Any excess works.

Why do we chase addictions?  Insecurity?  Self-image worries?  Hiding from the scrutiny or opinion of others?

Then there is the Attention Addiction.  Why do we revere celebrities?  Because we love the idea of all the attention they get.  Simple.  But, boy are we hooked…  Red carpet hooked.  And we have these elaborate award ceremonies to further celebrate the attention of the attention gods.

Doesn’t each one of us like a little attention?  Some are shy and don’t… and some feign shyness and  love attention.  Most of us just love attention. Until now we had to earn it.  That is, until now.   I repeat…  Until now we had to earn it.  That is, until now.

We are at the dawn of the newest and oldest and most powerful narcotic of all…  SELF.  The drug has been formulated.  There is no known recovery program with a cure.  This attention deficit disorder has become an Attention Addiction enabled by the infinite access provided by Social Media. Every moment we have a self doubt it can be erased by texting someone who likes us or will say something nice.  Every instant we feel a little down, social media will provide the narcotic of superficial affection and acknowledgement.

Why are heads lowered everywhere you go?  Because they are being relieved by the assurances from social networking.  Look around.  See the narcotic.  Happiness is now found in looking down.

No longer by looking up where the real answers lie.


Chris Bent
Naples, FL

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