I really didn’t believe it.  I had heard stories, but I really couldn’t conceive of what we have allowed to come to pass.  An attractive e-mail is received inquiring about work with a résumé attached.  I responded to call and have an interview with us.  She came in only to say she wasn’t interested.  She just needed us as an entry to her “log” to maintain unemployment qualification.  This is now common practice.

Entitlement is a beautiful thing for the truly deserving.  Yet, there are so many entitlement opportunities that are being played by a growing percent of the population..  We now need a new bureaucracy for entitlement abuse.  How can someone behind a government desk discern who is playing them?  Paperwork begets paperwork and becomes the enemy of truth.  Multiple sign-offs on documents neuters accountability and responsibility and shields fraud from discovery.

Of course, there would then have to be an investigation process, potentially leading to legal involvement, with both sides’ attorneys being compensated by the government.

Who will accuse?  Who will follow through?  How many hearings?  Will the police have to police the absurd?

We do not have the infrastructure to investigate ourselves.  We have abrogated our rights to an onerous system.  Our values used to be the checkpoint.  Many more had values and there still existed an ancient  psycho-mechanism called conscience.  It worked until we killed it by labeling it as harmful, by labeling it as guilt.

We have great labor unions which originally were value driven organizations dedicated to fairness.  But they grew their fat paychecks and infrastructure and became managers of self-interest rather than humble servants of the worker.

The scandals of the finance industry are so shameful that they defy comment.  Shame on all who looked the other way.  It was a three card monte Wall Street hustle.

But what has made us a country now becoming a leader in work avoidance?

With e-mail and texting it is sure easier to create a false paper and communication trail of sham effort.  Playing with the truth, parsing words and intent, manufacturing qualifications, embellishing experience…How has this become acceptable??

Standards of ethics abandoned.  Clarity of values clouded.   Is there no fear of exposure?  Is there no pride in self?  Is all humility lost??

My résumé is gospel, warts and all.  But nobody wants it as the truth is not appealing and… the date of birth says I may be a threat…..  that I might believe in something.



Christopher Bent
Naples, FL







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