The Trident is a symbol for three things.  No I am not talking about the Trinity, not today.  Do good things come in threes?  Wonder what else comes in threes??

How do we survive without threes? How do we just survive?  How do we make something out of nothing? Does a child come from nothing?  What keeps us from becoming nothing?  What happens when we sit around and do nothing? Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Maybe I should have entitled this piece “Nothing”.

If I want to get a driver’s license and don’t’ study, what happens?? Nothing. If I don’t go to school, what happens??  Nothing.  If I don’t put any effort into my life what happens?  Nothing again.  One’s life becomes defined by self-inflicted nothingness.

The opposite extreme of this is the pursuit of a thing called the Navy SEAL Trident. Being mega-proficient in three elements…. Sea, Air, Land.  Exhausting, brutal, cold, preposterous conditions for months on end.  Sleep deprived…  running endlessly in sand, swimming endlessly in the cold ocean, and ultimately dropping in the night sky with your wits intact.  In and out of any element at any time.  Mastery of weapon, mind, and body with perseverance that reduces 90% of those who try to give up. Kind of like life where so many give up on their dreams or values or self.

There is not a day that goes by that you do not read about a tragedy where someone quit. To quit means that to try no longer has value.  But if you don’t try to do something how do you learn or grow?  When they put my first bike in front of me it was scary.  Had I not said “no” to fear I never would have known the wonder of a 10-speed or a motorcycle.  Look at all I had no idea of what I was going to miss.  No knowledge is the devil of accomplishment.

Today it is as hard finding employees as it is finding employment. Conundrum. Stupid. Hard work brings dignity and sense of self-worth. Blame the worker who underperforms.  Blame the company who overstructures and loses the human touch. Profit without ethics is unseen terrorism.  Administrative shields have dehumanized communication. We are reaching the sophisticated day when a call to Human Resources is answered by voice prompts… Just wait….

The old fashioned notion of teamwork has been destroyed. Oh, yes, there are teams in corporations with assignments…but for the most part they are jokes.

When I talk Team I know what I am talking about. In fact, look at the world of sports.  Team sports.  It is amazing what the champions achieve against all odds with an improbable mix of characters.  Something intangible happens and they play like a pure team, being able to communicate without words. Analogue, not digital. Capiche?

Same can be said for many small businesses as their team is so tight that they don’t need the overhead of excessive administrative activities.  Yet with the computerization of all aspects of business today there is no longer a useful team environment where humans feel bonded in task execution.  And… the terrain becomes really fertile to quitting and moving on… and quitting and moving on…

This exploration of a quitting-minded culture could be characterized as a moment in history where a society undercut its glory and failed. A time where efficiencies of human interaction were dismissed to a balance sheet.  A time where we quit on human.

On a SEAL Team no one has quit who is there. No one will quit regardless of the danger assigned. Being human has returned to basic values and they are worth dying for….. the old values that were the foundation of our freedom and our pleasure.

Quit on God and you have nothing…..

Christopher Bent

Naples, FL


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