Nope, this is not a story about the Tugboat that pulled and pulled the disabled ship back into port. That could be a great analogy.

There is the tug…. On your shirtsleeve for attention. You turn to see who it is. If at home you probably know.But if out in the other world, you have no clue. You instantly try to guess. Friend?? Danger?? You don’t know until you see the face of the tugger. Male? Female? Child? Authority…?? Your mind runs wild in that micro-second. But isn’t that the case with anything you don’t know??

Suppose you were the tugger coming up from behind anticipating the tuggee’s response..? Fun to catch someone unawares… Well… as long as it is good news… Hmmmm…

Hi Bill, remember me it’s Frank!! And so on… Unless it is “Mr. Wilson, may I have a word with you?” Turning… “Yes Officer”. The tug. The tug may have any level of significance. It depends on the kind of life one is leading…. Hmmmm…?

Then there is the most important tug of them all. Can you guess it?… The tug of the heart. Why is this so special? Your heart is generally, for most, where the truth lies. “Follow your heart”. Heard that before. If all else fails trust your heart. Why is that?? Is is philosophical? Or is it real?

If something tugs at your heart it may be something you want. Like a car you just saw. Like the handbag she wants to buy. Or even as mundane as the candy your child must have. All kinds of tugs all day long. The material ones fill giant lists. Christmas is when lots of tugs are fulfilled.

We are creatures of emotions and the tug of an attractive person conjures up peace and comfort. Wow, so powerful that we are rendered as children, making questionable decisions just to yield to this tug. Get out of the way society… tugs of attraction are covered by the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Tugs. We all know about this one. In fact it is in the courts every day being interpreted and challenged. I have my Tug Rights. ACTU, American Civil Tugs Union. LOL. Give Me My Tugs or Give Me Death! Forget which state that is….

As you can surmise, I always save the best for last. The very best and most important tug for last. The tug of Truth. When we were kids, something up inside us always tugged at us. It was the tug of right and wrong. Where does it come from? Were we born with it?? But it sure is there. Remember saying for the first time that you said “That was not fair.. “ Whether it was an act of some other kid or the decision of an adult, you had a clear tug as to the Truth and fairness. As we got older, we became more excusing and able to explain black and white away. To color badly so it was easier to excuse. To smother the innocent tug of Truth so it was muted. Now Truth has a harder time of it becoming a tug as there are so many rules and bureaucracies to ensure tugs do not get out of hand.

But the truth is that the Truth does not have to die in your heart. Feed it the right values and surround it with like Tug seekers and re-champion the Tug of being honest with oneself. Tug yourself off the path of mediocrity and lead or tug others to do the same.

You are only as valuable as your values. Tug on.

Christopher Bent
Naples, FL
Kennebunkport, ME


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